This page will give you general help about our Stats Apps

  1. Use the TEAM SETUP tab to mange your lineups.
  2. Make sure to Replace the NP (no player) with a numeric character (1, 2, 3, etc).
  3. Enter the player name in the player name textbox. It can be free form text.
  4. The IN checkbox indicates if the player is in or out of the game. This checkbox will be controlled from the stats entry screen going forward by long pressing on the player icon to substitute the player in/out of the game.
  5. Save your Team lineup for easier retrieval or for creating multiple teams.
  6. Return to the Main app after completing your lineup
  7. Under Menu -> Settings, you’ll find different configuration that can be made for each app. The settings depend upon the app you are using. In most, you can change the labels of the buttons and even the colors.
  8. For Specific questions about an app, please send us an email at