Lacrosse Stats App W/Timer only on Android

Available on the Google Play store.  Full Version  or Lite Version.

This Lacrosse Stats app will track up to 30 players for Home and Visitors.

This App allows you to track both Men or Women stats.

Many of the buttons are customizable, allowing you to change the stat label if you would rather capture a different stat.

The following stats are captured:
  • Goals,
  • Shot on Goal (SOG),
  • Shots,
  • Assists,
  • Allowed Goals,
  • Saves, Fouls,
  • Ground Balls,
  • Caused Turnovers,
  • Turnovers,
  • Yellow and Red Cards.
  • Women – Draw Attempt, Draw Possession, Draw Control
  • Men – Faceoff, Clear, Faceoff Win
Send the results of the game with player stats to yourself or others in either MaxPreps, Html or as a CSV file(readable in Excel).

Use the CSV files to calculate Stats for the entire season.

Save the game stats for later viewing in the app.

Additional Feature description: –
  • Displays Player names under Player Icons.
  • Ability to produce MaxPreps file for uploading to the site.
  • Ability to import/export Team Roster files.
  • Set Portrait or Landscape display mode in the Preferences
For Twitter:
  1. – 1st Authenticate the Application to use Twitter
  2. – Twitter browser will display for you to login and approve
  3. – Twitter redirects back to APP after approval – Authenticate button will disappear
  4. – Check on the Twitter Checkbox – From MENU
  5. – See Twitter Settings to select Game Events to Tweet. Goals and Game Notes are on by default
  6. – Return from Twitter Settings by using the RETURN ARROW on your phone.
  7. – Take stats as normal and selected Game Events will be posted to Twitter.
  8. – Settings are automatically saved for next use of App