** Samsung  issue with Android 4.4 – No Menu Button on device – Press and HOLD that button next to the home button.  The Menu should slide up from the bottom. **

** Reported issue with Android 4.3 does not allow menu to scroll – Temporary work around is to attempt to scroll down; back out of menu; open menu again and it should start up at the bottom of the menu **

=== Line-up Help ===
NP = no player; Leave this on the Roster Page for any entry you wish the APP to ignore, otherwise change the NP to the number of the Player.  You can check the IN box if you wish to put a player in the Game while on this page but you can always do it from the stats entry screen.
Save AS – Save your Roster for future use, especially if you will have multiple teams.  The Last Roster used is automatically loaded when the APP starts up
Load – Loads a saved roster
Delete – Deletes a saved roster
Return – Returns you to the STATS entry screen
Menu options on the Roster page include the ability to export saved rosters or import them.  You can clear or sort your roster as well
==== Stat Entry Screen ====
To award a Stat… Select Player Icon (make red) and then click on stat button.  A player does NOT have to be in the game to award a stat
To sub players in/out of the game quickly… LONG PRESS on the PLAYER ICON and they will be moved to the front or the back of the line-up; blue icons=IN,  red icon = selected, grey icons = on the bench
To undo a STAT … Change the + button to – and click on the Stat button in error to decrement.
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