Water Polo Help

=== Menu Options ===
View Stats – See the teams stats on an HTML page
Reset Game – Clears the current game’s values to start entry of a new game.
SettingsAccess screen to change the settings for the APP. This includes changing some labels, screen orientation, and posting options for events and Twitter.
Game Notes – Allows you to post info about the game to the event log. This will post to Twitter if you have selected that option in your settings.
Update Mins Played – Refreshes the amount of playing time for players in the game. This can be set to automatic update in settings.
Help – Brings up the Hayava website’s Help page.
Email W/html – Emails the same HTML page you see using View Stats.
Email W/MaxPrepsFormats the game’s stats into a MaxPreps friendly format and emails it to the address you provide. The file can then be uploaded into MaxPreps.
Email Short – Emails the team’s stats info for the game.
Email W/CSV – Emails the game stats in a CSV format for importing into EXCEL or a database. This can then be used to generate your own season spreadsheet.
Email Game Notes – Displays the list of game notes captured.
Save Game – Saves the game.
Load Game – Displays a list of saved games for loading.
Delete Game – Displays a list of saved games for deleting. Select game to delete.
Export Game File – Exports a saved game for backup or to transfer to another device.
Import Game File – Imports an exported game file and creates all the necessary information. The file to import must be located in the same folder where the app exports files too. This can now be controlled using the FILE PATH option in settings.