Soccer Stats App W/Timer on Android, Windows Phone and BB Playbook

Scott wrote via email: “I’ve developed a team web page using Drupal. Entering repetitive data is difficult in that environment. Especially if the database has been normalized. This will make the data entry a breeze. ”
This Soccer Stats app will track up to 25 players for Home and Visitors.   It tracks Goals, Assists, Shots on Goal (SOG), Shots, Fouls, Cards, Corner Kicks (CK) and Saves. 3 customizable buttons for defining your own stats. You are able to send the results of the game with player stats to yourself or others in either MaxPreps, html or as a csv file.  You are also able to save the game stats for later viewing in the app. Use the CSV files to calculate Stats for the entire season like the following example: SoccerSeasonWorkbook (pre ver 2.67) or SoccerSeasonWorkbookNew (ver 2.67+) .  The Season sheet totals up the Games as they are imported into sheets 2 through 20.   The APP supports Posting to TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Additional Feature description: – New FACEBOOK feature: allows posting to personal page or any other page you manage – Displays Player names under Player Icons. – Ability to produce MaxPreps file for uploading to the site. – Ability to import/export Team Roster files. – Set Portrait or Landscape display mode in the Preferences

Facebook Setup

– 1st Authenticate the Application to use FACEBOOK by check ON FACEBOOK – Browser will display for you to login and approve – Allow any pages you manage if you want to use – After, the approval, you will be returned to the APP – Set TO PAGE if you want to post to a page you manage – Go to Settings and select which Events you want posted to FACEBOOK – Take stats as normal and selected Game Events will be posted to FACEBOOK.

For Twitter:

– 1st Authenticate the Application to use Twitter – Twitter browser will display for you to login and approve – Twitter redirects back to APP after approval – Authenticate button will disappear – Check on the Twitter Checkbox – From MENU – See Twitter Settings to select Game Events to Tweet. Goals and Game Notes are on by default – Return from Twitter Settings by using the RETURN ARROW on your phone. – Take stats as normal and selected Game Events will be posted to Twitter. – Settings are automatically saved for next use of App Watch a Demo of the Application below: