Pax Notify Help

To test that the app is working, try setting the assigned phone number to your phone number.  Add a message and click the SEND button.  You should receive a text from yourself.

  • Assigned Phone Number:  This is the number assigned to you by your rideshare company
  • Message to send:  This will be an unlimited set of messages you create.  Once created, you will be able to select and send to your PAX quickly.   No need to type your messages again.

The KEYBOARD icon hides the keyboard until you are ready to enter a phone number or message in the text box.  This allows you to see more of  your saved data when trying to make a selection.

The GREEN CHECK mark is the save button.  Click this to save the phone number or message that you have just entered.

The RED X is the delete button.  Click this to delete the current entry displayed.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please email us at